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How to Avoid a Holiday Meltdown

Stressed female SantaThe holidays are approaching, and you are making lists, searching for recipes, shopping for gifts, cleaning the good silverware, searching for the star that goes on top of the tree and that hard to find singing dolly your daughter wants. You’re doing these things and a hundred more, just to ensure the holiday is picture perfect.

Expectations are high, and you believe you can meet them all. This costs you dearly, however. The level of stress is also high, and you may find yourself headed for the dreaded holiday meltdown. That makes the holidays a miserable time for you and possibly for those around you. Avoid this disaster and take back the “happy” in “happy holidays with these tips from San Francisco Toyota. Continue Reading →

Nearly 99,000 Take Action with Toyota’s The Hunt and DoSomething.org

2014 Toyota Do Something Hunt WinnerWhen it comes to young people being apathetic, we at San Francisco Toyota don’t believe the rumors. That’s because we’ve seen nearly 99,000 young people make a difference this summer with DoSomething.org and Toyota’s The Hunt.

During the period of August 4-10, DoSomething.org members received a daily challenge supporting one of seven causes. The campaigns were created by DoSomething.org members aged 13-25. Members who participated all seven days were eligible for some outstanding prizes, including one of two $10,000 scholarships and a fully chauffeured concert experience from Toyota.

The first winner is Christopher Norvilus, a 20-year-old student at Wisconsin Lutheran College who did not think he’d be able to return to school before receiving the scholarship. Lauren Fitzgibbon, a 20-year-old student at UCLA who is interested in pursuing video production.

Christopher and Lauren aren’t the only ones who won big. Local communities across the country also benefitted. Here are the results of the campaigns:

  • 8,942 de-stress tips for back-to-school shared with #SuperStressFace
  • 114,974 pieces of trash picked up with Trash Scavenger Hunt
  • 2,569 activity books created for children in hospitals with Patient Playbooks
  • 10,071 young people highlighted ability over disability on social media with We Are Able
  • 68,107 Band-Aids donated to homeless shelters with Band-Aid Brigade
  • 13,544 pet safety flyers distributed with Hot Dogs
  • 5,129 cards made for deployed soldiers with Smiles for Soldiers

San Francisco Toyota thanks all the young people across the country who are helping make the world a better place. Thanks to you, the future looks bright indeed.

Why You Should Schedule a Road Trip Tune-Up

Mechanic with service recordMany drivers believe that there is no need to send their car to a technician unless there is a noticeable problem, but that could be a risky and costly decision to make in the long run. San Francisco Toyota has the main reasons why you should schedule a tune-up prior to a holiday road trip.

Sometimes, you have to spend money to save money — and while a tune-up isn’t free, it will diagnose minor problems before they become major problems. This could range from parts approaching the end of their expected life to car part damage. Regardless of the issue, if there is something wrong with your car, then it is going to need to be fixed in due course. For instance, even if only one part is faulty, then it can eventually cause problems with other parts of your car if you do not resolve the issue immediately. Continue Reading →

Toyota Takes Technology to the Next Level at the TASS

Toyota Automated Highway Driving Assist (AHDA) SystemIntroducing a new 3D Heads-Up Display, a redesigned Automated Highway Driving Assist feature, and more

Toyota is a brand that has always been known for the reliability, affordability, and safety of its vehicles. But what about technology? Toyota is always working on the latest technological advancements, the latest of which are designed to move toward an accident-free driving experience.

Recently, the automaker introduced a number of exciting vehicle technologies at the Toyota Advanced Safety Seminar (TASS) in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Though these new features are not yet complete, they do reveal just how hard Toyota has been working towards its goal. Better yet, they give us a glimpse of the future of driving. San Francisco Toyota has more. Continue Reading →

Too Cool for a Halloween Costume?

Baby boy wearing pea costumeWe get it; you’re so over dressing up for Halloween. You don’t want to wear a big goofy getup or wig that you have to tote around all night, but you don’t want to be a party pooper and show up to the festivities without a costume. No problem. Here’s what you do:

Pick a Pun

In a pinch, embrace your punny side and use it to create a costume that requires little to no energy. Here are a few examples to get you started: Continue Reading →


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