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Setting Records: Toyota Sees Success in the New Year

International business teamOur team at San Francisco Toyota entered the New Year strong, and Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) has reported that they did too.  January 2015 sales are up 15.6 percent from January 2014 on a volume basis.  The Toyota division posted an increase of 13.5 for the month as well.

Toyota was doing well at the end of the season and this momentum has continued into the New Year.  The HighlanderRAV4 and Corolla were some of the models attributed to this success, all setting January records.  Combined TMS light truck sales also set a January record and the 4Runner is up 75.5 percent.

TMS is the number one retail manufacturer, and we are proud to be a part of the success.  San Francisco Toyota is committed to bringing our customers quality at the best price.  Take a look at our current inventory or stop in to see us today.

Expert Business Travel Tips

Tired traveling womanDoes your work travel schedule have you landing in NY on Tuesday, stopping by Chicago on Wednesday, and circling back through St. Louis on Thursday only to end up at a meeting in Seattle by Friday morning? The San Francisco Toyota team encourages you to avoid travel whiplash and maybe even relax (a little) on your next trip by following these business travel tips from the experts at Business Insider.

Pre-pack a Travel Bag

If you travel often, save all the time you spend packing toiletries into TSA-approved mini containers by keeping a travel bag packed at all times. Packing will be a breeze when you can just grab your bag and go. Continue Reading →

The Toyota Mirai Makes East Coast Debut at DC Auto Show

2016 Toyota Mirai The Toyota Mirai has made its East Coast debut at the DC Auto Show. This hydrogen fuel cell vehicle has a range of up to 300 miles, emitting only water vapor and takes about five minutes to refuel. Moving forward, Toyota has called for a greater effort from the government and industry to make these vehicles available to more customers.

The hydrogen infrastructure needed to kick-start this market will take a collaborative effort from automakers, government regulators, and energy providers alike. Recently, Toyota made the decision to release nearly 5,500 global patents, royalty-free, to competitors in order to start the transition to a hydrogen-based industry. In addition, the automaker has called for Congress to step up and reinstate tax incentives for the hydrogen companies that develop the refueling stations and drivers who buy these zero emission vehicles.

At the DC Auto Show, Nihar Patel, Toyota’s Vice President of North American Business Strategy, noted that consumers who purchase plug-in electric vehicles receive a $7,500 tax credit, while buyers of fuel cell electric vehicles do not. This is due to the expiration of the federal fuel cell credit, and Patel worries that this may cripple the potential of the hydrogen fuel cell market.

Toyota has announced that by the end of 2017, it will have increased global production capacity of the Mirai to more than 5,700. While most refueling stations are currently located in California, the automaker has partnered with Air Liquide to expand stations in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The all-new Toyota Mirai is set go on sale in the United States later this year. For more information, visit San Francisco Toyota.

Toyota red logo

Toyota Introduces #OneBoldChoice: Super Bowl Edition

At San Francisco Toyota, we are excited to announce Toyota’s next phase of the Camry’s “One Bold Choice Leads to Another” marketing campaign. In preparation for one of America’s favorite days, Super Bowl Sunday, Toyota will be highlighting the special relationship between fathers and their children.

The campaign features both famous and unknown fathers who provide for their families in bold ways. “This ‘One Bold Choice’ campaign is all about the bold choices we as parents—fathers—have to make every day for our families,” said former Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Kurt Warner.

The video below highlights professional football players and their children, including former quarterback Kurt Warner and linebacker LaVar Arrington, as well as current running back Fred Jackson and defensive end DeMarcus Ware. All of the stars reiterated the fact that you might not get to choose the dad you have, but your bold choices will help you choose the dad you get to be.

The Camry, America’s best-selling car for the past thirteen years, helps its drivers make similar bold choices. You will be noticed for all the right reasons in your 2015 Camry, ranging from its sporty exterior to its spacious and comfortable interior.

Stay tuned – this campaign has only just begun! Look out for Toyota’s ads on Super Bowl Sunday on NBC. Until then, participate in our #OneBoldChoice campaign on Twitter by tweeting photos of your dad using the previously mentioned hashtag. If you are interested in making One Bold Choice yourself, stop by San Francisco Toyota before the big game to learn more about the 2015 Camry, or even take it for a test drive!

Toyota Tackles Waste with Improved Manufacturing Processes

Toyota’s dedication to environmental responsibility is at the forefront of every new initiative the automaker embraces. In the past year, Toyota significantly reduced waste in its manufacturing facilities by updating the packaging used to ship windshields. The see-through packaging also makes it easier to inspect windshields at every stage of the manufacturing process, as seen in this video.

Toyota also found a new use for the used oil from the stamping machines at its Indiana plant. The oil is now reused in blanking presses, reducing new oil purchases by approximately 80 percent (7,000 gallons) per year.

San Francisco Toyota is proud to support Toyota’s ongoing environmental commitment. For more information on the automaker’s achievements in 2014, click here.


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