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Toyota Tackles Waste with Improved Manufacturing Processes

Toyota’s dedication to environmental responsibility is at the forefront of every new initiative the automaker embraces. In the past year, Toyota significantly reduced waste in its manufacturing facilities by updating the packaging used to ship windshields. The see-through packaging also makes it easier to inspect windshields at every stage of the manufacturing process, as seen in this video.

Toyota also found a new use for the used oil from the stamping machines at its Indiana plant. The oil is now reused in blanking presses, reducing new oil purchases by approximately 80 percent (7,000 gallons) per year.

San Francisco Toyota is proud to support Toyota’s ongoing environmental commitment. For more information on the automaker’s achievements in 2014, click here.

Enjoy the Luxury of Added Protection with Extended Warranties

Couple with keys & car salesmanYou’re feeling pretty good having just paid off your car, until you need to replace the fuel pump, or the transmission, or any other components that could go wrong. Once the repair bill is calculated, you realize that it’s as much or more than a car payment, but you don’t want to continue making car payments. You probably wished you’d have gotten that extended warranty. If you’d like to learn more about what’s available, San Francisco Toyota is here to help.

Extended warranty basics. Most automobile manufacturers offer the option of purchasing an extended warranty, lengthening the original warranty period beyond the normal expiration date. With an extended warranty, you get most of the services from the dealer that the original warranty covers. Some consumers purchase the extended warranty with the original purchase of the vehicle and simply add it to the monthly payment. You can also purchase an extended warranty once the original warranty is about to expire. Continue Reading →

Get More Out of Your Camry with HomeLink®

The 2014 Toyota Camry is a dependable and versatile vehicle for all of your everyday driving needs—but do you know how to get the most out of your Camry’s features? HomeLink® is one way that the Camry can add convenience to your life.

Watch the video above to learn how to sync yours with garage door openers, gates, and security lighting, and visit San Francisco Toyota to learn more about our HomeLink®-equipped vehicles.

5 Tools To Keep On Hand For DIY Car Care

Woman fixing carAs nice as it would be to pay a mechanic or your service department for every single item of work on your car, unless you are a millionaire, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to afford it. Keeping on top of routine repairs and maintenance with San Francisco Toyota helps keep your car in tip-top condition and while avoiding excess repair bills. Of course, it pays to be prepared, so here are five tools that you should keep on hand in the event that you need to a little DIY car care.

Ratchet (socket wrench)

A ratchet is a very handy gadget to have around you for a variety of different auto DIY purposes. A ratchet allows you to rotate or move bolts in one direction, while preventing any movement in the other. You will almost certainly need a ratchet if you want to change a spark plug or replace an oil filter. Continue Reading →

Is Your Vehicle Eligible for ToyotaCare™?

ToyotaCar logoTake advantage of no-cost maintenance, roadside assistance, and more! 

Here at San Francisco Toyota, we love selling new and used Toyota models because we know just how reliable they are. There is no doubt that all Toyotas offer incredible value from safety to long-lasting parts. Our vehicles are still machines, though, which require a little TLC every now and then to stay in the best condition possible. Now, servicing your new Toyota has never been easier than with ToyotaCare™.

ToyotaCare™ is a complimentary service that comes with the lease or purchase of a new Toyota model. Designed to provide peace of mind while on the road, it includes an incredible no-cost maintenance plan that covering normal factory scheduled service.* Included are oil changes, adjustments of vital fluid levels, tire rotations, multi-point inspections, and unmatched peace of mind knowing your Toyota is running at the highest level possible. Continue Reading →


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