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An Auto Maintenance Checklist

technician working on vehicleYour car is a considerable investment, second only to your mortgage. Which makes sense, considering that your car is sort of like your home away from home. If you’re like most people, you probably spend hours in it week as it ferries you back and forth from your place of work to your home, takes you on errands and to friend’s houses, and carries your loved ones wherever they need to go. Naturally, your car is something you want to take care of.

A well-maintained car is more fuel-efficient, performs better, lasts longer, retains more value, and is simply safer than a vehicle that is not maintained. Here is a checklist for keeping your car in excellent condition. Continue Reading →

Three Toyota Vehicles Make Kelley Blue Book’s List of 15 Best Family Cars of 2015

2015 Toyota CamryFinding a car that fits your family’s wants and needs can be difficult. Kelly Blue Book recognizes that, and has compiled a list of 15 vehicles that are popular for families across America. The list consists of cars of various shapes and sizes, from mid-size sedans to pickup trucks. Toyota’s Camry, Highlander, and Sienna all earned spots on KBB.com’s 2015 list of “15 Best Family Cars.”

The vehicles were evaluated by a panel that consisted of recruited families and expert editors from KBB.com. The judging was based on each car’s comfort and driving, safety, child seats, cargo space, rear-seat entertainment, and extra features – all of which are important qualities for families on the go! Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Staying Sane with a Teenage Driver

father yelling at teenage sonFirst date, first job, first house: they’re all stressful experiences, but perhaps nothing compares to the first time your teen gets behind the wheel. And it doesn’t get any better once they’ve passed their test!

The statistics are well known: new drivers are at a much higher risk of getting into an accident. Some of this is down to inexperience, but it’s also because the teenage mind works a little differently to that of the older adult. Teens are impulsive, they don’t always take advice well, and often the last person they want to listen to is a parent, so how do you stay sane with a teenage driver? Here are five tips from San Francisco Toyota: Continue Reading →

Setting Records: Toyota Sees Success in the New Year

International business teamOur team at San Francisco Toyota entered the New Year strong, and Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) has reported that they did too.  January 2015 sales are up 15.6 percent from January 2014 on a volume basis.  The Toyota division posted an increase of 13.5 for the month as well.

Toyota was doing well at the end of the season and this momentum has continued into the New Year.  The HighlanderRAV4 and Corolla were some of the models attributed to this success, all setting January records.  Combined TMS light truck sales also set a January record and the 4Runner is up 75.5 percent.

TMS is the number one retail manufacturer, and we are proud to be a part of the success.  San Francisco Toyota is committed to bringing our customers quality at the best price.  Take a look at our current inventory or stop in to see us today.

Expert Business Travel Tips

Tired traveling womanDoes your work travel schedule have you landing in NY on Tuesday, stopping by Chicago on Wednesday, and circling back through St. Louis on Thursday only to end up at a meeting in Seattle by Friday morning? The San Francisco Toyota team encourages you to avoid travel whiplash and maybe even relax (a little) on your next trip by following these business travel tips from the experts at Business Insider.

Pre-pack a Travel Bag

If you travel often, save all the time you spend packing toiletries into TSA-approved mini containers by keeping a travel bag packed at all times. Packing will be a breeze when you can just grab your bag and go. Continue Reading →


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