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2016 Toyota Highlander and Sienna Voted ‘Top Ten Family-Friendly Kid-Haulers’

Toyota HighlanderTwo Toyota vehicles have been recognized by CarGurus as part of their ‘Top Ten Family-Friendly Kid-Haulers’ list—the Toyota Highlander and the Toyota Sienna. Families spend a lot of time in their vehicles, hauling kids back and forth to school, running to sports and other activities, and taking family road trips. It makes sense that they should have a vehicle that comfortably moves them and their stuff.

CarGurus rated new vehicles on a number of key attributes and singled out those they found to be spacious, comfortable, and most importantly, safe. “To eliminate guesswork for shoppers, we’ve identified the vehicles that best meet these specific criteria and also offer bonus features that will make time spent shuttling the kids a little more pleasant,” said Steve Halloran, Chief Editor at CarGurus. Read More…

2016 Toyota Tacoma Now Available at San Francisco Toyota

2016 Toyota Tacoma familyEnjoy an updated cabin, powertrains and more

It has been a long wait, but the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma is finally here. The much-anticipated pickup truck started arriving at dealerships across the country on September 10, 2015. Now in its ninth generation, the Tacoma offers a new kind of pickup experience with updated powertrains and new car-like features. It also looks amazing thanks to sleeker and more modern styling. Our team at San Francisco Toyota cannot wait to see the reactions of our customers, so keep reading to find out more about this awesome truck! Read More…

Made in Northern California

Tall Forest of SequoiasSouthern California usually gets all the attention, but it’s Northern California that produced the tallest trees in the world, the creator of the most-viewed science fiction movies ever, one of the PGA tour’s most popular golfers, a Major League baseball icon, one of the world’s most successful investors and a Nobel Prize winning author. Here’s San Francisco Toyota‘s guide to some of the most intriguing origins in Northern California.

The California Redwoods

California Redwood trees are some of the largest and oldest living things on the planet and they can be found mostly in Northern California. The Redwood National Forest and surrounding state parks contain about 135 trees measuring over 300 feet high. The Redwoods’ Avenue of the Giants is the most popular part of the forest and welcomes thousands of visitors annually. It was included in the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die. Read More…

The 2016 Toyota Yaris is Detail-Oriented

2016 Toyota YarisBuilding on the extensive updates applied to the Yaris for the 2015 model year, the 2016 Toyota Yaris features a European design highlighted by new details and slight changes throughout the vehicle. San Francisco Toyota has the latest details on what the new Yaris has to offer and why we’re so excited for its upcoming arrival.

The most obvious change right off the bat is the two new color combinations being offered to customers: Barcelona Red or Crushed Ice with a Black Sand Pearl roof, both adding to the European element. Once inside the vehicle and on the road, the incredibly quiet ride becomes obvious. An acoustic glass windshield and sound-absorbing and insulating materials placed throughout the car help to silence any distracting or annoying sounds your car or the roads could be making. Further sound insulation materials block outside noise and prevent engine noise from entering the cabin. Read More…

Setting Smart Rules for Your Teenage Driver

teen fastening seat beltParental fears spike the moment their child becomes a licensed driver. First, parents fear the extra cost of another car and driver on their auto insurance policies. Soon, parents fear for the safety of their young driver. Parents of teenage drivers have much to worry about, but they can take steps to protect their young drivers with these smart rules from San Francisco Toyota.

Zero tolerance for tickets

Teens often fail to understand the significance of a ticket. Parents should teach them that tickets are more than a simple fine. Parents who add their teen driver to their existing policies have already seen their insurance bill go through the roof. A young driver with a ticket could make insurance unaffordable, jeopardizing the survival of the entire family. The first smart rule for your teenage driver is one that permanently revokes driving privileges in the event the teen gets a ticket (no questions asked). Read More…


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