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Toyota Prius is ‘Best New-Car Value’ for 2nd Year in Consumer Reports Ranking

It’s never too late to see why drivers and critics love the Prius

2014 Toyota PriusThe Toyota Prius (shown with optional equipment) is in the spotlight once again this season. In the Consumer Reports ranking of best-value new cars, the Prius is on top—the second year in a row that the Prius has claimed this honor.

Competition was heavy for the top spot this year, as Consumer Reports tested over 200 vehicles currently on the market. Criteria included reliability rankings, predicted cost of ownership over five years, and road-test scores. Read More…

Toyota Promises the Release of a Fuel-Cell Vehicle by 2015

Stage curtainsToyota unveiled a concept version of a hydrogen fuel-cell car that it plans to begin selling in 2015

The Prius was the first eco-friendly hybrid vehicle to hit the market that achieved vast success. Now, Toyota is introducing another concept that is sure to please all the environment lovers out there: a fuel-cell vehicle, set for release “around 2015.” The bright blue car, revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, is shaped like a drop of water, emphasizing that H2O is the only substance hydrogen-powered cars emit from their tailpipes.

Fuel-cell cars create the electricity that powers them by combining hydrogen with oxygen in the atmosphere. The potential of this hydrogen power is great: It could help reduce harmful greenhouse gas pollution and meet strict emissions standards in places like California. Some critics of fuel-cell vehicles have noted the high cost and the lack of hydrogen filling stations, which could be remedied.

Toyota prefers fuel-cell technology to fully electric cars because the driving experience is more like what consumers are used to with a gasoline-powered car. The company says that the new car will be able to cover 500 kilometers, or about 300 miles, on a single hydrogen fill-up that takes just a few minutes. Electric vehicles require a lengthy recharge.

“Everybody has been putting their toe in the water, but Toyota putting its toe in the water is a bit more significant,” said Alan Baum, and industry analyst in West Bloomfield, Mich.

At San Francisco Toyota, the environment is important to us. We are proud of Toyota’s accomplishments with the fuel-cell vehicle and can’t wait for it to be released!

Toyota Prius, Best Selling Car In California.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The Toyota Prius is the best-selling car in California outselling every other passenger vehicle in the Golden State so far this year, according to data from Experian Automotive.

Let's go for miles and miles with the prius family.

There’s a prius for everyone.

By the end of September, Toyota had sold over 46,000 Priuses in California. Of those, about 6,000 were the Prius C, a less expensive compact version with a smaller engine, and about 7,600 were the Prius V, a wagon version with more cargo space. The remainders were the standard Prius and the Prius Plug-in, which has a battery that can be charged from an electrical outlet.

California is the nation’s biggest car market. It’s also the biggest market for alternative fuel cars, including hybrids, plug-in cars, diesels and natural gas cars. In California, those cars make up a larger portion of new car sales than in any other state.

Simple demographics probably drive a large part of the Prius’s popularity in California, said Eric Hjermstad, an analyst with Experian. California has a higher proportion of the older, highly educated car shoppers who tend to favor the Prius, he said.

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California is also unfriendly territory for Toyota’s domestic competitors. As a general rule, cars from General Motors (GM, Fortune 500), Ford (F, Fortune 500) and Chrysler do not sell well in that state compared to the rest of the country while Asian automakers fare particularly well.

In part, that trend has its roots in the fact that when Asian automakers like Toyota and Honda first came to the U.S., they came through California, which was a natural port of entry with a large Asian population, said John O’Dell, an analyst with the automotive Web site Edmunds.com. Honda and Toyota still have their U.S. headquarters in southern California making them, essentially, hometown brands with strong local roots.

The Prius is also helped by the fact that it crosses the boundary between an image-oriented purchase and practical economy car, said Jesse Toprak, an analyst with the California-based car pricing Web site Truecar.com.

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“It’s one of the only non-luxury cars that, if you’re a wealthy person, it’s acceptable to own, ” he said.

But data analysts at Truecar.com say that their numbers show that the standard Prius by itself — the one with no letters added — would be only the fifth most popular model in California. The Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla are all more popular there.

Besides all that, California’s state government, through the California Air Resources Board, has long championed hybrids and other alternative fuel cars as a way to reduce the state’s air pollution problems. Up until recently, hybrid cars were eligible for special stickers that allowed them to be driven in “High Occupancy Vehicle” lanes even with only one occupant.

Today, only plug-in and natural gas-powered cars are eligible for those stickers, but when hybrids were eligible they helped boost hybrid sales, said O’Dell. That meant the Prius became an everyday sight on California roads, taking it from a niche product to something familiar, accelerating its acceptance.

“Peer acceptance and word of mouth is still a huge selling point for any ‘new’ technology,” O’Dell said. To top of page

Prius c Up Close And Personal

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Here at San Francisco Toyota, we are lucky enough to have a first up close and personal look at the all new Prius c.

The letter “c” represents “city” in the Prius c name. Designed to function as an urban-friendly vehicle with an engaging driving experience, hatchback utility, and a city fuel economy rating of 53 mpg, Prius c offers the highest city mpg rating of any vehicle without a plug.  The all-new Prius c joins the Prius Family, which includes the third generation Prius Liftback, the versatile new Prius v and the Prius Plug-in Hybrid, which will debut in early 2012.

Beginning with the first generation fourteen years ago, over two million Prius units have been sold worldwide. Prius remains the world’s premier eco-vehicle brand, and has made great strides establishing consumer trust in hybrid technology.  With Prius c, Toyota will make the market’s most proven hybrid technology available to subcompact car shoppers with a starting MSRP below $19,000.

If you want to get more info or place a reservation on this vehicle, click here.


Toyota Shareathon, Win Up to $1000 And A 2011 For A Friend

San Francisco Toyota is excited to share awesome news about Toyota’s amazing program called Shareathon. You can win up to $1000 just by using your social media tool, Twitter when you purchase a vehicle during the Toyotathon program on or before Jan. 3, 1012.

And the giving doesn’t stop there, if your friend retweet your tweet, they can enter to win a 2011 Prius!!!
Here’s how the program works:
From now through Dec. 21, shoppers who register online at www.toyota.com/shareathon, tweet a scripted Shareathon message, and then purchase or lease a new Toyota vehicle on or before Jan. 3, 2012 will be eligible for a certificate and unique coupon code redeemable for a $500 prepaid debit card.

Participants will then have 48 hours to encourage their followers to retweet the initial message. Each retweet increases the debit card amount by $50, up to a maximum of $500 additional, for a total of $1,000. As an added bonus, those followers who retweet the message can enter to win a 2011 Prius from Toyota.

Beginning at 11:00 a.m. EST on each day of the program, certificates will be available to the first 140 people who register on the site and tweet about their plans to get a new Toyota during Toyotathon.
Once the new vehicle is purchased, each participant will need his or her unique coupon code and VIN to receive the prepaid debit card. Participants must submit their coupon code for redemption no later than Jan. 31, 2012.

A video on how it all works below.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Toyota vehicle today, click here to see our selections or call us at (415) 750-8300.

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